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‘If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint’

Edward Hopper, Artist


We are strong believers in the impact of Art and Design at Acre View Primary School as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. It provides children with opportunities to develop and extend skills to express their individual interests and ideas, whilst also contributing to the development of the child emotionally, aesthetically, spiritually, intellectually and socially.

Intent - What are we trying to achieve? 

At Acre View Primary School we aim to cultivate creative children who are inspired through our delivery of the creative arts. Our high-quality art curriculum and cross curricular links provide a real purpose to our children’s creative projects. This is designed to develop individuality in their creations. It is imperative to us that our children are able to explore their creativity through a range of materials.

Implementation - How is our vision translated into practice

When delivering the art curriculum at Acre View, there is a real focus on teaching the children new skills and techniques. To ensure art lessons provide the children with a real sense of purpose, sessions and activities relate directly to the class topic. These cross-curricular links help immerse the children in their art sessions and ensure they are memorable. We intend for the children at Acre View to receive a balanced and varied exposure to the creative arts.

We ensure that a variety of materials are incorporated in art lessons with clear progression of skills throughout each year group. This includes the use of oil pastels, chalk, clay, water paints, acrylic paints and more. This range ensures children have an open and broad approach to what art can encompass. Throughout the school our children cover a range of artists and in Key Stage 2, they have the opportunity to research an artist and create a fact file.

Impact - The Difference Our Curriculum Makes

The creative arts have a high profile at our school. Our children are confident with using a range of resources to create artwork and display a sense of pride over their creations. This can be demonstrated through the fantastic and engaging classroom displays which showcase brilliant work.