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Vision and Values


Our Vision – Soaring to Success


At Acre View Primary School, the well-being of children is at the heart of what we do, our aim is to support children becoming happy, confident and safe.

This means we will focus on ensuring pupils are healthy, aspiring, nurtured, responsible, respected and included.

We will work hard to foster positive relationships and to promote a calm and caring environment, in order for our children to achieve their potential, to be healthy and to live fulfilling lives.

Our high aspirations for our children will be soundly reflected within the caring, organised and effective ethos which will be led from the top. This will include a dynamic vision for the set up and development of the new school.

By nurturing all aspects of our pupils – the head, the heart and maintaining a healthy body – we support our children towards being academically ambitious, yet socially conscious adults who are ready to realise fantastic achievements.


We do this by:

Creating Aspiration

We encourage our children to aim high and believe in themselves.

Nurturing individuality

We all have differences and there is beauty in our diversity. We role model this, encouraging children to explore their talents and interests.

Providing a Caring Community

Emotional support for pupils is enabled by our kind and caring staff and through exceptional clinical care.


Our Values

Our values underpin our vision, providing the platform from which relationships flourish.


Be Kind

Look after yourself and those around you.


Be Brave

Join in, keep going and always try your best.


Be Curious

Inspiration is everywhere! Ask questions and discover new things.