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The Charity







Acre View Primary School is part of the charity West Kirby Educational Trust.

The charity has long had a successful history of helping young people in challenges. It started in the mid to late 1800s as a hospice for children with significant illnesses. In 1924, the charity first registered as a school and in 1962 underwent charitable status registration. During its life, the charity has served not only children and families of the North West, but welcomed children from across the UK.

The charity runs West Kirby School and College in West Kirby, Wirral, which, in recent years, has welcomed pupils from Wales, Shropshire, Suffolk, the North East and the North West of the UK, some of whom stay in our residential provision. In recent years, the charity has recognised the growing needs of children with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and a decision was made, in 2021, to consider options for a second school.

The charity is delighted to add Acre View to its growing family. Mrs Wynne and her team have a wealth of experience working with children with SEND and are dedicated to ensuring pupils make outstanding progress.

The CEO and Principal of West Kirby School and the Board of Trustees understand what a key opportunity this is for Mrs Wynne and her team and look forward to supporting them as they welcome children and families to Acre View Primary School.


West Kirby Educational Trust,

Meols Drive,

West Kirby,


CH48 5DH

0151 632 3201

CEO - Ms S Thomas

Chair of Trustees - Mt P Deakin

President - Mr A Shone